We are a Spanish family business with over 10years experience in the world of natural and organic cosmetics. The basic principle is that the treatment should be "gentle and safe", it must balance the normal functions to seek and maintain the balance in the body.

With UNANI's specific products and treatments, we are looking to restore the balance of the body. The name of our brand, UNANI, comes from the therapeutic methods of antique mediterranean culture.

UNANI has specific treatments for skin care and can be used by professionals since our products and natural cosmetic treatments are flexible and can be custom to the needs of the costumer.


Our goal is to create truly natural products that have a positive effect on both, the world we live in and you. Our products are biodegradable, and do not perform animal testing. We comply with all the standards and requirements of natural products.

To achieve the best quality of our products, we manage and control all stages of the production process (research, product development, packaging design, printing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution).



  • We believe truly natural products are better for our body and the environment.

  • Our mission are to be on continuous research and development of new products, while meeting the standards of natural products.


Provide maximum satisfaction to our customers for their present and future needs. Therefore, while developing such cosmetic products, our labs, have designed different ranges of products to meet market requirements.