Iluminates and Protects

Clear, even skin tone is the mark of flawless beauty! In time however, natural aging, environmental factors and lifestyle leave their mark on skin in the form of uneven skin pigmentation, dull, lackluster complexion and dark under-eye circles, among other skin imperfections. Across cultures, luminous, even toned skin is considered a beauty ideal.

Skin luminosity is an important attribute for giving skin its youthful glow. Luminosity is partially determined by the skin chromophores collagen and bilirubin. Bilirubin, a breakdown product of blood and heme, is one cause of dark circles around the eye. Until recently, it was unknown that plants produced bilirubin. To this date, a small group of plants are known to produce bilirubin and hence contain a mechanism to control production and degradation of the compound. An extract of Strelitzia, a plant that produces bilirubin, was found to degrade solutions of bilirubin. A human in vivo assay ascertained that topical applications of the plant extract, decreased dark circles and improved luminosity of the skin. The extract was also found to increase Collagen III levels, which are known to decrease with aging and hence negatively impact luminosity.

Vivillume Efficacy

The efficacy was evaluated via a 60 day in vivo study. The study examined the ingredient’s effect on the skin tone and radiance, showing a compelling improvement in skin luminosity, along with a decrease in appearance of under eye puffiness and a decrease in appearance of dark under eye circles. In addition to photographs of the panelists being taken in standard visible light, three other lighting modalities were used to show different aspects of the skin in more detail.

In addition to professional clinical evaluation of the subject’s skin, the subjects were asked to complete a subjective questionnaire at the end of the study which asked them to rate improvement for 12 areas related to the skin, from the eye area, to aspects influencing luminosity to general skin appearance. Panelists who used the product noted an improvement in all 12 areas.

As we age, skin’s luminosity and uniformity of tone tend to degenerate. The Il-luminate products main ingredients is a plant-based active that restores skin’s beauty to reveal a recharged, youthful, luminous appearance. It has demonstrated its ability to degrade bilirubin in situ. When applied topically, it has been effective at reducing the appearance of multiple signs of aging, leading to a more luminous, youthful complexion. This active ingredient is a skin revitalizer that improves skin tone to yield an illuminated complexion.

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Moisturizes and Balances

Xerophytes (or xerophyte plants) is the name given to plants specifically adapted to dry environments. They adapt to the extreme conditions of lack of water and they are able to survive. They develop functions and structures that are able to delay and reduce the loss of water.

Most of the water absorbed by the plant is lost as vapor through a process known as transpiration. This process varies according to the level of humidity in the environment and the soil, CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, light, oxygen concentration, temperature, wind speed and prolonged exposure to external factors. In order to compensate the lower water intake, the number of stomata is reduced, stomata are distributed in groups or are sunken, and often we can also see a thicker cuticle and rolled leaves to reduce the transpiration surface, in more extreme cases.

A study was made; sixteen (16) Xerophyte plants from the Mediterranean area were studied. The selection criteria were the habitat, location, adaptation to cultivation for wild species, bibliography available about the plant and its active elements, and the lack of toxicity. The objective of the project was to select the vegetable species that, in hydric stress conditions, would allow to extract bioactive components for their cosmetic application.

On the basis of the obtained results, “Salvia sclarea L.” was selected as the species that would better adapt to xeric conditions. Therefore, this species has been cultivated in xeric conditions for its adaptation to the environment. The result is an active ingredient whose flavonoid fraction and sugar content have a cosmetic application as an immediate moisturizer and at a 24hours.

Moisturizing effect

Results indicate that the cosmetic formulation produces a progressive increase in moisturization. A strong moisturizing effect is observed during the first three hours after application. This effect remains over time, even after 24 hours.

As a conclusion, we can confirm this main ingredient for the Absolute Care products is considered a moisturizing cosmetic active agent, as it increases the level of skin moisturization, both inmediate (114% - 92% after 3-6 hours of application) and at 24 hours (38%in a single application) without altering its barrier function

The moisturizing activity makes it appropriate for the following cosmetic applications: immediate action (face and body creams, milk- based creams, face and body lotions, shampoos
o aftershaves and bath moisturizing products) or 24-hour action (intensive moisturizing products, moisturizing products for dry skin, anti-aging moisturizing products, moisturizing products for extreme activities and conditions (extreme sports and other applications).

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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is defined as a subjective cutaneous hyperreactivity. People experiencing this feature show different reactions when their skin comes into contact with external agents, certain environmental conditions or due to internal factors. Substances that commonly are not considered irritants can cause these abnormal responses in sensitive skin.

The hiperreactive people often have impaired barrier function, which causes increased transcutaneous penetration of water-soluble substances.

The Curculigo, by regulating protein NHE1, acts on the internal mechanism of the skin pH control, repairing the barrier function and causing a decrease in reactivity and sensitivity of the skin; improves the cohesion between cells, thus restoring the integrity of the epidermal barrier function.

Results of various tests in vivo with Curculigo show:

- 65% decrease in the incidence of skin and sensitive skin reactivity after 28 days of treatment.

- 25% slowing of reaction time to the treated irritant substance in volunteers that remained positive after the study was completed.

- Measurement of skin surface pH is reduced by 0.04 pH units.

- Protection of the epidermal barrier of a 13% against external aggression.

- Recovery of the barrier 20% faster.

Active Curculigo is ideal for sensitive skin improvement. Proposes an innovative mechanism, being the implication of NHE1 receptor on sensitive skin. Is an active ingredient: It acts on the inner control mechanism of skins pH, provides various cofactors and routes of modulating the activity of NHE1, improves the cohesion between cells, repairs the integrity of the epidermis and the barrier function causes a decreased in reactivity and in the skin sensitivity.

It's an ideal product for sensitive skin treatment that works from the inside to get reduce damage to the exterior.

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Anti-aging and Regenerating

As we age our skin goes through a series of changes. One of the most relevant changes is the loss or redistribution of the facial subcutaneous fat volume, amending the harmony of the face which is one of the most visible signs of aging. The restoration of the volume distribution is an important objective in facial rejuvenation, which can now be achieved by cosmetic means.

Our product line “Time Cut”, is formed with Vitamin C assets, which is capable of filling on a perceptible and totally natural way, wrinkles and skin folds, and nourish the skin for a rejuvenated look, attractive and relaxed face.

Vitamin C exercises (at skin level), has a very beneficial effect both mitigation and prevention of signs of aging as reducing cell damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Involved in the transformation process in Hidróxidoprolina proline (essential constituent of collagen). The local increase of Vitamin C means significantly the collagen production; which consequently leads to the improvement of skin elasticity and a greater strength of the wall of the capillaries. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and regenerates vitamin E, where both actions lead to a decrease in the formation of lipid peroxides (substances that cause skin aging).

In addition, Vitamin C applied locally prevents the formation of skin tumors possible due to damage to DNA by UVB rays.

The result of the therapy with topical Vitamin C will result in a more bright and elastic skin, noticeably filling wrinkles and cutaneous folds and creating a delay in aging skin to look a rejuvenated face, attractive and relaxed.

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